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Mangalore Literature & Art Festival

Literature festivals are conceptualized with the aim of hosting a plethora of distinguished people from the field of arts. They allow you to hone your literary endeavors and meet like-minded people to have healthy discussions while spending a breezy evening enjoying a musical performance or a poetry recital. Most literary festivals encourage regional talent backed by renowned personalities around the country.

Celebrating the Cultural Ethos of Mangalore

The first edition of the Mangalore Literature & Art Festival celebrates the convergence of literature with science. A star-studded cast of eminent authors presides over the gathering, with their graceful presence bringing in their diverse perspectives, which will make you broaden your mental canvas. It also hosts an eclectic mix of academicians, musicians, scientists, painters, and theater artists all under one roof.

Interplay of Science and Culture

Science and culture are interrelated.The interpretation of scientific data is influenced by cultural beliefs. They can influence how the knowledge is communicated and disseminated among the general public. Cultural evolution plays a significant role in the answers we set out to seek. This issue has become a subject of many research papers. Mangalore Literature Art & Festival aims to eliminate the barrier between Science and Culture.

Immersive Workshops

The literature festival has curated workshops aimed at different age groups. These workshops and storytelling sessions foster an interactive dialogue between facilitators, parents, and children. The masterclasses on crafting a compelling story will hone your interpersonal and public speaking skills, along with penning an engaging narrative. Poetry narrations delving into the roots of the Kannada language provide an invaluable experience in understanding the intricacies and celebration of the human spirit.

Awards and Recognition

One of the highlights of the literature and art festival is honouring the winners of ‘Gift A Story,’ a uniquely conceptualized contest to preserve the practice of narrating folktales in the presence of dignitaries and speakers. The festival pledges allegiance to providing emerging storytellers a platform and reinforces the position of Mangalore city on the world map as a hub of bustling literary activities.

Book Signings and Book Exhibition

The festival also serves as a platform for authors to showcase their books to the general public. They even have a kiosk of signed copies open to the general public. You can even get a chance to interact with the authors and get a personalized signed copy for your home library. One can browse through the diverse collection and discover some hidden gems.

Enriching Performances

The enchanting performance specially catered to children by the Mangalore-based theater group Kalabhi on social issues ought to entertain and inculcate curiosity among children. The specialty of these performers is that not only are the plays specially designed for kids, but they also play an active role in performing the acts.


The Mangalore Literature and Art Festival is a cultural ecosystem that hosts a cream of recognized talent all over the country. It’s a great place to engage in meaningful conversations with like-minded people, literary aficionados, and lovers of art and science. For more information about the Mangalore Literature and Art Festival, visit the official website of the festival for the full list of speakers. Register now!


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