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Welcome to CFAL (Center for Advanced Learning). We specialize in nurturing gifted students in STEM subjects and Olympiads, while also supporting their desired courses and exams. Our goal is to cultivate a deep interest in science and mathematics, preparing students to become leaders in research and innovation. With innovative teaching methods and a supportive community, we foster critical thinking, communication, and cultural awareness. Join us at CFAL to unlock your true potential and be part of a thriving community of learners and thinkers.


Our Courses

Foundation Program for grade 7 to 10

While immediate academic results in school exams may not visibly skyrocket, the long-term benefits of this foundational knowledge are immeasurable

PUC Integrated JEE & NEET Coaching

It is a specialized program that combines JEE and NEET coaching with the pre-university curriculum, providing comprehensive preparation for these competitive exams.

NEET/JEE evening coaching and repeater program.

We offer exclusive evening coaching for NEET,JEE exams, providing focused instruction, extensive practice, and test sessions to maximize learning and exam performance.

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