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Outstanding Performance of CFAL Student in JEE Main 2024 Top Achievers in Dakshina Kannada and Udupi Districts.

Centre for Advanced Learning (CFAL) India proudly celebrates the remarkable achievements of its students in the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main Session 1, 2024, announced on February 13, 2024. Demonstrating unparalleled talent and dedication, CFAL students have once again set high standards of excellence. For the past 15 years, CFAL has been at the forefront of shaping the future of students in Mangalore, consistently paving their path to success in competitive examinations and beyond.
In the highly competitive arena of the JEE Main Session 1, 2024, where over 12.3 lakh candidates aspired for top ranks, only 1% nationally achieved the distinction of scoring in the 99th percentile. Remarkably, CFAL has outperformed the national average by an astonishing 11 times, with 11% of its students securing their places in the 99th percentile. This outstanding achievement is a testament to CFAL’s exceptional training and the dedication of its students. A breakdown of the results underscores this success:

• 19 students scored above the 99th percentile.

• An additional 23 students, making a total of 42, scored above the 97th percentile, including those above 99.

• Furthermore, 15 more students, totalling 57, achieved above the 95th percentile, encompassing both the above 99 and 97 percentiles.

Highlighting individual brilliance, Ganesh and Anubhav Savur achieved a perfect 100 percentile in Physics, while Soham Prashanth mirrored this feat in Chemistry, showcasing the high level of expertise and preparation imparted by CFAL to its students.

Key Highlights:

Top Achiever of DK and Udupi:   Securing the highest Total percentile of 99.983939, Ganesh stands as the top achiever not only within CFAL but also throughout the Dakshina Kannada and Udupi districts. His outstanding accomplishment, highlighted by a perfect 100th percentile score in Physics, establishes a new standard for future engineering aspirants. Ganesh’s path to success started in Grade 8 at CFAL, where he built a robust foundation that ultimately led to this impressive milestone.

Niyam’s journey to success is a testament to his determination and unwavering dedication. Achieving a Total percentile of 99.914234, he has demonstrated exceptional skill, especially in Mathematics, where he secured an impressive percentile. Starting his foundational journey at CFAL in Grade 9, Niyam’s achievements underscore the importance of early and concentrated preparation for competitive examinations.


Adding to the narrative of success, Vijay Moras, at CFAL, remarked, “These results are a testament to CFAL’s educational pedagogy, our dedicated team of teachers, and a supportive administrative team. If you had looked at the 10th-grade board results of these students, you might not have predicted the outstanding ranks they have achieved today. This underscores the remarkable ability of our academic team to develop and mentor students, guiding them to reach their full potential. It’s a clear indication of the transformative educational journey CFAL offers”


Significant Achievement:

In addition to Ganesh and Niyam, 42 other CFAL students have shown outstanding performance by scoring above the 97th percentile. These accomplished students include:

SOHAM PRASHANT ACHARYA (99.8753994), RAMESH D (99.855852), PRUTHVI S HALEHOLI (99.8361101), PRATHAM M ATTAVAR (99.813523), ANIKETA R (99.7914848), ARYAN DATTA AROTE (99.7711418), SARVESH NAYAK (99.493887), THARANTH T J (99.3964293), THARUN M (99.3695356), NEHA KAMATH (99.2998635), SUMEDH V BHAT (99.2471356), ANIRUDH R RAO (99.213277), ADVITH SHETTY (99.1407483), VARUN VIVEK KAKARADDI (99.1300959), ADARSH S (99.1185612), ANIRUDH NAYAK (99.0239121), ANUBHAV A SAVUR (99.0076819), ATHMEEYA M KASHYAP (98.999201), Dhanush Kumar (98.8089256), KARTIK HIREMATH (98.8071163), AASHUTHOSH S SHARMA (98.7279428), T R KARTHIKEYA (98.7202346), SHRAVANA PRASANNA BHAT (98.7100813), P V SHYAM MOHAN (98.6505844), DHRUVA H PERODY (98.5569312), SHARVIL P SANKH (98.5517862), TEJAS BHAT (98.4859292), NISHANK R (98.3888372), ANISH RAJESH POOJARI (98.2850698), PREETH RAI (98.233554), CHINMAYEE ADIGA (98.1993855), SAMARTH TALAWAR (98.0132287), JAYESH KUMAR GUPTA (97.9555695), SIRI M BHAT (97.9382228), RIMONA JESNA DSOUZA (97.6970007), KEERTHAN S (97.513241), Manvith Kanajalu (97.4562997), YASHAVANTH A N (97.3684884), ANVITHA BHAT A (97.3642389), GAGANDEEP L T (97.174038), SHRAVAN S RAO (97.018496), DHRUV G NAYAK(97.0140771).


About JEE Main Exam:

  • A Gateway to Prestigious Institutes: The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main is a highly competitive exam in India, serving as a gateway for admission to premier engineering institutes like IITs, NITs, and other centrally funded institutions.
  • Challenging and Comprehensive: The exam tests students in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, assessing their problem-solving skills and understanding of core concepts.
  • Two Sessions for Better Opportunities: Conducted twice a year, JEE Main offers students two opportunities to secure their best scores for admissions.

CFAL India, with its focus on foundational learning and early preparation, has been instrumental in guiding students to achieve their academic goals. The success of our students in the JEE Main 2024 is a testament to our commitment to providing quality education and fostering an environment of excellence.

For more information on our programs and achievements, please visit

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