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Impressive! 92% of CFAL Students who Attempted NEET 2023 Qualify for Medical Admissions

CFAL takes immense pride in congratulating its outstanding students for their exceptional achievements in the NEET 2023 results. With a legacy of 17 years in producing top-performing students in competitive exams like JEE (Main & Adv.), NEET, KVPY, and Olympiads, CFAL continues to nurture excellence and empower young minds to succeed in their chosen fields.


Extraordinary Achievements

Among the stellar performers, CFAL student B Shreyas Shenoy has exemplified brilliance by securing an outstanding score of 700 out of 720. This exceptional achievement has earned Shreyas Shenoy an impressive All India Rank (AIR) of 326 and a Category rank of 234. CFAL extends its heartfelt congratulations to Shreyas Shenoy for this remarkable accomplishment.
Additionally, CFAL proudly acknowledges the achievements of, Diya Bhat J, Adithya Ravindra, R Ricky Roger, Dion Arnold Patrao, have scored above 600 and showcased commendable performances, securing notable ranks and scores in NEET 2023.
Moreover, Ishitha Krishnaraja, Varshini Mayya A, Anagha Raghunandan, Muhammed Nihad K, Disha S Kateel, and Ankith Kini, have all secured marks above 500. These students’ determination and hard work have been duly rewarded, and CFAL recognizes their remarkable success.

National Excellence

CFAL’s success in NEET is not only limited to individual achievements but also reflects the institute’s remarkable performance on a national scale. While 5% of students across the country scored 500 or more marks, CFAL has achieved an outstanding 20% in this category. This achievement is almost four times the national average, underscoring CFAL’s commitment to excellence and its ability to consistently produce high-performing students.
We are also proud to announce that 92% of students who attempted the NEET examination have successfully qualified for medical admissions. This impressive qualification rate is a testament to CFAL’s effective teaching methodologies, comprehensive training programs, and personalized attention given to each student. The institute’s dedication to nurturing not just academic excellence but also holistic development has resulted in this exceptional achievement.
CFAL extends its heartiest congratulations to all the successful students and expresses gratitude to the dedicated faculty members who have played a pivotal role in shaping these brilliant minds. The institute remains steadfast in its dedication to nurturing future leaders and helping students realize their true potential.
If you aspire to crack NEET or any other competitive exam, CFAL is your gateway to success. With its proven track record and comprehensive coaching programs, CFAL provides the support and guidance necessary to achieve your goals.
CFAL takes immense pride in the remarkable achievements of its students in the NEET 2023 results. The institute’s commitment to excellence, holistic approach to education, and personalized attention have set the stage for these outstanding accomplishments. CFAL congratulates all the successful students and remains committed to empowering aspiring individuals to excel in their chosen fields.
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