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Journey of Success: Interview with Yashaswini K, AIR 1 in IIIT UGEE

In this inspiring interview, I had the privilege to sit down with Yashaswini K, a remarkable student who achieved AIR 1 in the IIIT UGEE exam. Hailing from Kasaragod, Yashaswini shared her incredible journey, from her decision to move to Mangalore and join CFAL’s PU College to her outstanding results in JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, and now the IIIT UGEE exam. Her story of triumph and unwavering determination to fulfill her dream of learning science is truly inspiring. Join me as we delve into Yashaswini’s journey and her dedication to academic excellence.
Yashaswini’s journey began in Kasaragod, where she was already an excellent student. However, when the time came to choose a college, she made the decision to join CFAL’s PU College in Mangalore. Initially, she wasn’t sure if she could attend CFAL, but her father’s friend, who was also a parent of a CFAL student, encouraged her to pursue her dreams. Her father, having missed out on opportunities for higher education, supported her decision wholeheartedly.
Coming from a government-aided school, Yashaswini faced the challenge of catching up with her peers at CFAL. Nevertheless, her hard work and commitment paid off, and within six months, she became one of the top 30 students in her class. Her journey was not without sacrifices, as her parents relocated to Mangalore in her second year to support her aspirations.
Yashaswini’s achievement in the IIIT UGEE exam is remarkable because it differs from traditional exams like JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. The IIIT UGEE exam focuses on research aptitude and interviews, providing a comprehensive assessment of a student’s overall aptitude and potential. Yashaswini’s success in this exam highlights her natural aptitude for research and her ability to excel in unconventional assessment methods.
Yashaswini’s decision to pursue a dual-degree program in IIIT Hyderabad, known for its research-intensive curriculum, showcases her passion for learning and her desire to contribute to scientific advancements. Despite achieving excellent results in other exams, Yashaswini was drawn to the opportunity for research and intellectual growth that IIIT Hyderabad offered.
Yashaswini’s message to junior students is clear: choose a path that you genuinely enjoy and that aligns with your passion for learning. She advises against pursuing a career solely for monetary gain and encourages students to pursue science if they have a genuine interest in the subject. Her message resonates with the belief that true success comes from pursuing what you love and dedicating yourself to continuous learning.
Yashaswini’s remarkable achievements serve as an inspiration not only for students but also for parents. Her success demonstrates that with dedication and hard work, students can surpass existing benchmarks and achieve extraordinary results. Her journey serves as a reminder that greatness is within reach for anyone willing to put in the effort.
Yashaswini K’s journey from Kasaragod to achieving AIR 1 in the IIIT UGEE exam is a testament to her unwavering determination and commitment to academic excellence. Her decision to pursue research and join IIIT Hyderabad exemplifies her passion for learning and her desire to make a difference in the field of science. Yashaswini’s story inspires students and parents alike, showing that with perseverance, anyone can achieve their dreams and exceed expectations. We congratulate Yashaswini on her extraordinary accomplishment and wish her continued success in her academic pursuits.
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