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Procedure on Students Coming Late _ Leaving Early

Procedure on Students Coming Late _ Leaving Early

  1. If a student arrives late, they should immediately report to the Student Welfare Office (SWO) or the school administrator’s office before going to their classroom.
  2. The student must provide a valid reason for their tardiness. This reason will be recorded for future reference.
  3. Once the reason is noted, the student will be given a hall pass to enter the class. This pass will ensure minimal disruption to the ongoing class.
  4. If a student is more than 15 minutes late, they will be permitted to attend only the next class. This is to prevent major disruptions to the ongoing class and to instill discipline regarding timeliness.
  5. If a student is repeatedly late, the SWO or administrator will investigate the situation. This may involve discussions with the student, contacting the parents, or possibly other measures if deemed necessary.

Procedure on Students Leaving Early:

  1. If a student needs to leave early, they must first approach the SWO or school administrator. The request to leave early must be justified with a valid reason, such as a medical appointment or family emergency.
  2. Once the reason is validated, the student will be given a hall pass to exit the school campus.
  3. The student must show this hall pass to the security guard while leaving the campus. This ensures the school can keep track of students’ movements for safety reasons.
  4. As with late arrivals, repeated early departures will be noted and investigated by the SWO or administrator. This could involve contacting parents or taking further action as necessary.

In both cases, the SWO should consider setting up a tracking system for late arrivals and early departures to easily identify patterns and trends. Any recurrent issues can then be addressed in a timely and efficient manner. Ultimately, the goal is to promote a culture of punctuality and responsibility among the students.

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