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Procedure for Weekly Administrators Meeting

Procedure for Weekly Administrators Meeting

The purpose of our weekly administrators meeting is to ensure the smooth functioning of our organization. The meeting is coordinated by the Primary Administrator, currently Ranjitha, and involves all key stakeholders including front office staff, Student Welfare Officers (SWO), and other administrators. This procedure outlines the process for these meetings.

  1. Scheduling: The meeting is held every Friday at a time designated by the administrators. The specific time should be communicated to all stakeholders well in advance to ensure their availability.
  2. Location: The meeting takes place in the office located on the 4th floor. If any changes are made to the location, stakeholders should be notified promptly.
  3. Agenda: The typical agenda for the meeting includes reviewing the weekly timetable, discussing events scheduled for the next two weeks, addressing any issues raised by parents and students, and managing maintenance issues. Other topics may be added to the agenda as necessary.
  4. Conducting the Meeting: During the meeting, each agenda item is discussed in detail, and constructive input from all stakeholders is encouraged. Tasks and responsibilities are assigned as needed.
  5. Post-Meeting Actions: After the meeting, the tasks are disseminated to all stakeholders. All tasks are uploaded to the Microsoft To-Do List for easy tracking and management.
  6. Meeting Notes: A summary of the meeting, including main discussion points, decisions made, and assigned tasks, is drafted and sent to all stakeholders. These notes are also shared in the WhatsApp group “PU Administrators” for easy access and reference.

This procedure ensures a structured and effective approach to our weekly meetings, fostering clear communication and effective task management across the organization.

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