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Procedure for Parent teachers Meeting PTM _ Open House

Basic Procedure for Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs) & Open houses:

Effective PTMs can enhance parental involvement in our classroom and contribute to favorable outcomes for our students and school.

The administration team, along with the principal, vice principal, and Student Welfare Officers (SWOs), are responsible in ensuring the quality and effectiveness of Parent-Teacher Meetings (PTMs)

The primary objectives of PTMs are to:

  • Share academic progress and growth based on classroom observations, testing data, assessments, portfolios, and assignments. • Gather insights from parents or guardians to better understand students’ strengths, needs, behaviors, and learning styles. • Discuss enrichment or intervention strategies to support students’ learning. • Address issues that may be impeding students’ learning and growth. • Discuss improvement plans.

For PTMs/events, the following guidelines are to be strictly adhered to:


  1. As soon as a PTM is planned, it should be added to the Google Calendar, and invitations should be sent to all participants (Management, Teachers & staff). This ensures that all teachers and staff who have interacted with the students are present. a. The agreed agenda should also be added to the Google Calendar and shared with the team. b. The planned PTM should be discussed in the TLC administrators’ meetings.
  2. A schedule should be made by the administration team for each batch’s timings, and these timings should be communicated to the parents via email and WhatsApp one week before the PTM. A reminder message should be sent via WhatsApp one day before the PTM. The PTM dates should also be announced in class and displayed on the notice boards.
  3. Teachers should review the academic progress of the students, their DPP files, and notebooks, and formulate an improvement plan along with the SWO. This requires students to bring their DPP files & notes to school two weeks in advance for review.
  4. A message should be sent in the TLC Administrators group via WhatsApp specifying the campus location, timing, etc. Any support/resources needed from the cafe/maintenance/IT teams should also be mentioned.
  5. One day before the PTM/Event, reports/material to be given to parents/students should be reviewed with the Trustees.
  6. A reminder about the event and any changes/responsibilities expected from each department should be sent to the Administrators’ group a day prior.

Documents to provide to the parents:

  1. CFAL–IGNUS progress card in CFAL letterhead (Separate sections for Major Exams, Separate for Mocks tests & Chapter tests)
  2. Board Marks Card in PU Department standard.
  3. Brochure/Exam & Academic Calendar
  4. Corrected Board Exam Papers & OMR sheets of Major Exams/Chapter tests
  5. Checklist for the open house to ensure they have visited all departments
  6. Course feedback form
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