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Policy on Physical Injury Incidents among Students

Policy on Physical Injury Incidents among Students

Policy Statement:This policy describes the process for managing incidents of physical injury caused by one student to another. Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all students is a top priority, and any incidents of violence will be treated with the utmost seriousness.

Policy Procedure:

1. Immediate Medical Attention:

The immediate health and safety of the injured student is paramount. Medical assistance will be sought promptly, and the necessary first aid provided.

2. Notification of Incident:

As soon as the incident is reported, administrators, along with class teachers, will initiate an investigation.

3. Investigation of Incident:

  • The investigation will include reviewing CCTV footage, interviewing the students involved and any witnesses. All findings will be thoroughly documented.
  • The Student Welfare Officer (SWO) will oversee the investigation to ensure it is conducted fairly and that the wellbeing of all students involved is prioritized.

4. Review of Investigation:

The findings of the investigation will be reviewed with the principal.

5. Parent/Guardian Meeting:

  • Following the review, a meeting will be scheduled with the parents/guardians of both the injured student and the student responsible for causing the injury.
  • These meetings will be attended by the principal, vice principal, SWO, and administrator. Separate meetings will be held for each set of parents/guardians to ensure privacy and confidentiality.

6. Communication with the Parents of the Responsible Student:

The parents/guardians of the student who caused the injury will be notified of the investigation results and the consequences that their child will face.

7. Consequences and Restorative Action:

  • The student who caused the injury will face appropriate consequences as per the school’s disciplinary guidelines.
  • In addition, the student will be required to create and present a presentation to their classmates, outlining the school’s policy on violence and the legal ramifications of physical harm to fellow citizens.

This policy seeks to address incidents of physical injury promptly and fairly, providing support to the injured student while also ensuring that the student responsible understands the gravity of their actions.

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