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Policy on Religious Observances and Prayers

Policy on Religious Observances and Prayers

Policy Statement:We recognize and respect the diverse religious beliefs of our students and their right to observe their faith. This policy outlines the provisions related to students attending religious prayers, and the rules concerning religious observances on campus.

Policy Procedure:

1. Permission for Off-Campus Prayers:

  • Students wishing to attend religious prayers off-campus during school hours must obtain written permission from their parents or guardians. This document must clearly state that parents/guardians allow their children to leave the school premises during school hours for the purpose of attending religious prayers.
  • The school will not be held responsible for the safety of students once they leave the premises for such religious observances.

2. Attendance Record:

If a student misses any classes due to attending off-campus prayers, it will be recorded as an absence in their attendance record.

3. On-Campus Prayers:

No religious prayers or rituals may be conducted by any student, teacher, or staff member within the school campus during school working hours.

4. Religious Festivities:

Celebrations of any religious festivals are not permitted within the school campus during school working days.

By implementing this policy, the school aims to respect the religious diversity of our student body while ensuring the maintenance of a secular environment conducive to learning during school hours.

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