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Policy on Task Updates

Policy on Student Damage to School Physical Property

Policy Statement:This policy outlines the procedure for dealing with incidents where a student damages school physical property. We firmly believe in the importance of maintaining the integrity of our school’s property to provide a safe and conducive learning environment for all.

Policy Procedure:

1. Investigation of Incident:

Upon discovery of damaged property, the school administrator should promptly conduct an investigation. This should include reviewing CCTV footage, where available, to identify the responsible individual(s) and to understand the circumstances

2. Involvement of Student Welfare Officer (SWO):

The Student Welfare Officer (SWO) should be involved in the process as soon as possible. They will help facilitate the interaction between the school, the student, and the parents/guardians and ensure the student’s well-being is considered throughout the process.

3. Parent/Guardian Notification:

The parents or guardians of the student should be promptly contacted and asked to come to the school for a meeting. The aim of this meeting is to discuss the incident, the evidence collected, and the next steps in the procedure.

4. Reimbursement for Damages:

The parents/guardians will be expected to cover the cost of the damage caused to the school property. An invoice detailing the extent of the damage and the associated costs will be provided. Payment terms will be discussed and agreed upon during the meeting.

5. Student Presentation:

As part of the restorative process, the student will be required to prepare and deliver a presentation to their classmates. This presentation should cover the school’s policy on damage to physical property, the importance of respecting school property, and an overview of the state laws on vandalism.

This policy is designed to ensure that such incidents are handled fairly and consistently, with an emphasis on making good the damage done, educating the student involved about their responsibilities, and reinforcing the school’s expectations of behavior.

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