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Policy on Corrections of Exam Papers

Policy on Corrections of Exam Papers

Policy Statement: Our policy is based on the core belief that immediate and accurate feedback is crucial for students’ academic development and improvement. As such, we commit to ensuring all students receive prompt, detailed, and precise feedback on their test performances, and we strive to maintain a high level of accuracy in all exam corrections.

1. Major Exams, Mock tests and Chapter Tests

  • The Associated Administrators are responsible for correcting the exam papers within 24 hours after the completion of the test.
  • The results of the corrected papers should be promptly shared with the teachers who administered the tests.

  • All major exams and chapter tests that are conducted and corrected using Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) software should have their results emailed to the parents directly by the software.

  • The results of the major tests and mock tests should be subsequently displayed in the relevant teachers’ group in the form of a histogram for easy data interpretation and performance analysis.

  • Additionally, the results should be posted on the main notice boards, digital notice boards, and in the relevant classroom notice boards, ensuring transparency and broad visibility.

  • The results should also be uploaded onto the Learning Management System (LMS), and parents should be notified through the system about this update.
  • Furthermore, a classroom performance sheet, detailing the results, should be provided to the teachers for in-depth student performance analysis. A copy of this sheet should also be placed in the classroom performance file for record-keeping.

2. Board Exams

  • After the exams are conducted, the Administrator to Principal, Akshatha Kadri, is responsible for distributing the papers by department.

  • The Head of Department (HOD) for each department will establish the guidelines and marking standards for the exam papers, ensuring that all teachers follow these standards while correcting the papers.

  • Once the papers are corrected and the marks are documented in an Excel sheet, these papers and data should be returned to the Administrator to Principal.
  • The corrected exam papers will be stored in the respective student’s file for potential review with parents during open house sessions.

This policy ensures a structured and efficient correction process while maintaining transparency and delivering timely feedback to both students and parents. It fosters academic integrity, enabling effective performance tracking and improvement.

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