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Policy _ Procedure on Leave

CFAL Leave Policy

1. Standard Leave Protocol:

  • All staff members wishing to take leave should notify their direct manager at least 7 days in advance.
  • It is the staff member’s responsibility to coordinate alternative arrangements for their classes during their absence.
  • Once these arrangements have been made, the staff member must share their plans with both the Administrator and their respective Head of Department (HOD). This is to ensure a smooth transition and minimal disruption to the students’ learning experience during their absence.

2. Emergency Leave:

  • We understand that emergencies can occur unexpectedly and may require immediate attention. However, it’s important to consider the potential disruptions that can be caused to students and the school’s operations.
  • We encourage all staff members to plan their leaves in advance and to minimize the need for emergency leave whenever possible.
  • In the event that emergency leave is taken, evidence of the emergency must be submitted to the department as soon as feasible. Until such evidence is provided, the emergency leave will be treated as unpaid leave.
  • This policy ensures that we are able to provide uninterrupted support for our students while also providing our team members with the flexibility needed to address unexpected emergencies.

This leave policy is designed to balance the needs of our students with those of our staff members, promoting a respectful, supportive, and flexible working environment. Compliance with these protocols ensures that our operations run smoothly and our students’ learning experiences are not unduly interrupted.

CFAL Leave Application Procedure

1. Standard Leave Application:

  • Upon deciding to take a leave, apply for it on Paybooks.
  • Inform your manager about your planned absence. For staff members, provide handover notes detailing the status of ongoing tasks. For teachers, explain the current state of topics being taught and suggest what classes could be conducted during your absence.
  • Once the leave is approved, post a notification in the relevant group to ensure both the Head of Department (HOD) and administrators are aware of your leave.

2. Emergency Leave Procedure:

  • If there is an emergency, inform your direct manager as soon as possible.
  • Specify the classes (for teachers) or tasks (for staff) that will be affected by your absence.
  • Upon returning, if you have a valid reason for your emergency leave, share evidence of the emergency with your manager to get the leave approved.
  • If there is no valid reason for the leave, as per the leave policy, your manager has the authority to place you on Loss of Pay (LOP).

Following these procedures helps us ensure smooth operations and minimizes disruptions in the teaching and learning process. Your cooperation in this matter is highly appreciated

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