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Makers Fete Workshop

Dive into the colourful world of Rubik's Cube and embark on a journey of twists, turns, and triumphs!

Join us on December 9th, as we welcome the incredible Brandon John, a Guinness World Record holder for the fastest time to solve a Rubik's Cube while cycling clocking in at a mind-blowing 10.27 seconds!

Brandon is not just any cube enthusiast; he's a true maestro, and he's here to share his secrets with all Rubik’s cube enthusiasts. Whether your children are complete beginners or aiming to refine their techniques, this session gives an overview of the algorithms, patterns, and underlying logic that some of the world’s best cube enthusiasts use in solving the Rubik’s cube.

It’s time to turn those perplexing patterns into victories!🎉

Date: December 9, 2023 Time: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM Location: ELC Fee: Rs 250 per person

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Rubik's Cube Workshop

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