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Makers Fete Stalls

Book Your Stalls at Makers Fete, CFAL Campus- A Celebration of Creativity and Community

Electric and Non-Electric Stalls:

Electric Stalls: For those requiring electricity, we offer equipped stalls for Rs 1000. We trust you to use this power to bring an extra spark to your displays!

Non-Electric Stalls: Embrace the challenge of innovation without electrical support with our non-electric stalls, available at Rs 650. Show the world how creativity thrives even without plugs!

Your Space, Your Imagination:

Each stall includes two tables, providing a blank canvas for you to arrange and decorate as you see fit. This is your chance to create an engaging and interactive space that truly represents your vision and skills.

Giving Back: In the spirit of community and growth, we encourage you to contribute a portion of your profits to a nearby government school. Your participation thus becomes more than just a display of innovation; it's a meaningful gesture that supports education and uplifts our community.
We deeply appreciate your enthusiasm and commitment to making the Makers Fete a success. Together, let's create an event that's not just about showcasing talent, but also about inspiring, learning, and giving back.

Thank You! Your involvement is key to making this event a memorable and impactful experience for everyone. We can't wait to see the incredible innovations you bring to the Makers Fete at CFAL Campus!

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