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CFAL Mentoring Procedure

1. Preparation for Mentoring

  • Mentor Assignment: Each mentor is assigned to a group of mentees based on academic needs, department, and mutual areas of interest.
  • Access to LMS: The mentor will access the Learning Management System (LMS) to obtain academic reports of each mentee. This includes grades, participation, test results, and overall progress.

2. Planning for Mentoring

  • Mentoring Plan: The mentor will use the academic reports to create a tailored mentoring plan for each mentee. This plan will outline the areas of focus, goals, and strategies for each mentee.
  • Session Schedule: The mentor will plan the mentoring sessions for the upcoming week. These sessions will take place during lunch hours, discussion hours, after class until 6:30 PM, and free periods.
  • Session Location: The mentoring sessions will take place in staff rooms, additional classrooms, landing spaces, or open spaces, as deemed appropriate by the mentor.

3. Communication

  • Session Notification: The mentor will inform the administrator and mentees about the planned sessions.
  • Parental Notification: The administrator will then send an email or WhatsApp message to the parents of the mentees, informing them about the planned sessions using a standard email template.

4. Mentoring Session

  • Mentoring: The mentor will conduct the planned mentoring sessions as per the schedule. During these sessions, the mentor will review the mentee’s academic performance, provide guidance, and address any concerns or issues.
  • Documentation: The mentor will use the template provided by the Student Welfare Office (SWO) to document the details of each mentoring session. This includes the topics covered, advice given, progress made, and any outstanding concerns.

5. Post-Mentoring

  • Report Submission: The mentor will submit the completed mentoring report to the SWO by the end of the week.
  • Tracking Sheet Update: The mentor will update the mentoring tracking sheet by Saturday morning, detailing the mentees seen, the issues addressed, and the plans made for the following week.

By adhering to this procedure, we aim to provide a comprehensive, effective, and well-documented mentoring program that supports the academic success of all our students at TLC PU College.

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